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The Uncanny Soyo

You know if you go back in time, there's something waiting for you

Revolutionary Mawrtyr Finkraine
4 January 1986



Alter Ego: Erika
Occupation: Classics
Group Affiliation: Geekdom
Base of Operations: Graduate School
First Appearance: various X-men RPGs
Height: 5'2" Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: brown Hair: brownish boring


littledarkvoice's parents sometimes wonder why she ended up as weird as she did, perhaps forgetting that they gave her an old typewriter as a toy and allowed Classic Doctor Who and Batman: The Animated Series to be her babysitter as a child.

Thwarted in her attempts to become a superhero or Time Lord, littledarkvoice aspires to become the next closest thing in nerdery: a college teacher. This means she has currently been exiled to graduate school, so she can discover what it is like to lose her humanity.

She is not so much a fandom participant these days as a fandom voyeur, but she's watching Doctor Who, American Girl, Hetalia, sometimes DC Comics, and various fantasy/sci-fi books, particularly YA.

She believes everything can be made more awesome with liberal applications of dinosaurs, outer space, or both. Her favorite dinosaur is the ankylosaurus.


littledarkvoice claims Athena (Greekish) and Venus (Roman) as her patron deities.

Her powers include Latin, mangled Greek, grading in green pen because it's nicer, making fun of the Aeneid out of complete and utter love, Ovid trivia, nineties nostalgia, and very, very slowly-paced creative writing.

She believes in the power of the subjunctive, too. REMEMBER: every time you use "was" instead of "were" in a present-contrary-to-fact condition, the gods kill a grammar fairy.

Please, think of the grammar fairies!

As littledarkvoice is a total pinko liberal, she will frequently use this journal to discuss feminist and queer issues (sometimes in comics or other media) from said total pinko liberal standpoint. This means that the existence of male and heterosexual privilege serves as a foundation for her arguments. If you're here to tell her that male or heterosexual privilege do not exist, and refuse to focus on any other issues she's bringing up at the time, she will send Power Girl after you. Power Girl will then put you in traction. Such is the message of this nifty graphic.

(nineties) anime, a separate peace, american girl dolls, ancient romans, ancient rome, apple products are sex, awkward goodbyes, batfamily values, batman makes no typos!, being on the mawr, being panfictional, bisextion!, black canary one, black canary two, boodikka/kreon, boostle, britcoms, buffy/giles, burning conor oberst, cardcaptor sakura, carolyn lloyd's sketchiness, cicero/clodia (hatesex is better!), classics, clodia/clodius (cicero says so!), comic books, commiewear, crowley/aziraphale, cumbersome eyegear, cupcakes for rufus, damned ladies: the trilogy, dead languages, diana wynne jones, dibny-love, digimon adventure, doctor who, doing both wainwright siblings, dorian's meterosexual cookie skillz, english handbells, evil!john/crazy!jubes, facebook marriages, fangirling over the dnc, fear padawans, fire/guy/ice (and variants thereof), fun with inessives, gene/finny, gilden wainwright iii, goggles, good omens, green lantern, guy gardner, guy/hal, hal jordan (not geoff's), handball's sketchy connotations, hardcore classics geekery, harry potter, harvey dent (and hos), hell week, hurting comics, instigating bohemian revolution, jsa, justice society of america, killing chuck austen, larry lance, latin, lesbian whale socks, litslash, lois/aquaman (w/ motorcycles!), loogies for gay rights, max lord/l-ron, maximoffcest, michael bluth's blue shirts, michael/lindsay, moi-moi rage, neil gaiman's neverwhere, newsies, nicholas/smike, northstar/iceman, not manly!kyle, not menstruation, not your stupid angst, nutella, ooak barbies, oscar wilde, peppermint ice cream, percy/oliver, power girl/wildcat, pretty girls killing things, proper use of lj-cuts, rainbow shoelaces, red dwarf, relationships that defy categorization, richard/door is bi-co, rpgs, rufus wainwright, rufus/colin, rufus/his clogs, sarcasm, saru's john howland fangirlism, shisk'bob, silver age romance, sisters before misters, stalking patroclae, star trek, subverting the yaoiarchy, sweet delicious, ted (the runtiest cupcake), the authority, the great cicada massacre, the koala triad, the princess bride, the unholy trinity, tim is bruce's spellcheck, tomoyo/meilin, touya/yukito, tyler jakes/saria avner, unresolved asexual tension, using the word "clearly", utena, vergil/maecenas, vic/helena, well-written femmeslash, well-written het, well-written slash, will kelly/matthias parrish, writing, x-men, x-men rpgs